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Private Sex Tapes

Picking up the strip dancer

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Episode: 1 of 7
Duration: 73min Girls:  Bella Margo  

Hi to everyone! My name is Rita and it was my idea to participate in this cash for sex tapes project. The only problem about it is that I am only 18 and I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. Well, there are no inextricable difficulties for me! I go to the night club and see a super hot strip dancer there. Mine, he impressed me a lot with the great muscle body with sexy juicy ass and I decided to meet with him once again to offer the participating in my amateur sex films!

Tags: high heels, brunette
Rating: 3.5 (8 votes) Pretty Cool

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Member’s comments (6):

dragan (12 Aug, 2011)

Finally with Eric we have a goodlooking sexy man- not the usual unerotic ugly wannabees !

superjoe (7 Aug, 2011)

Stop haying on Eric, he is amazing, lol! Absolute stud

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (28 Jul, 2011)

Has to be the worse one yet but I have not seen all of the videos.

birdman (16 Mar, 2011)

Send this man on pension!!! Want to see also other guys

maroonsky60 (14 Nov, 2010)

We've seen enough of Eric on "My Pickup Girls" and "Hard Fuck Tales".  "Cash for Sex Tape" should be an Eric free zone.

niek.martron8 (30 Oct, 2010)

Please not the same guys in All your sets