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Nastya & Anton

About us:

Well, here we are, Nastya and Anton, a good and sweet couple of young lovers, hehe… What we like doing is entertaining in all possible ways. This movie features only some moments from our life but in fact we adore spending the time together. Playing billiard or bowling, walking around the city, watching TV or fucking – we laugh, joke and sometimes quarrel, but we are both sure that’s it’s the real feeling of love that have connected and kept us together for rather a long period. We hope you will enjoy our days, especially the scenes in which we share the hot oral job and explode together with loads of the delicious creamy juices!

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Season 1:"Real amateur couple everyday life"

Episode 1: “Naughty GF turning me on”
Rating:  3.5 of 5 (4 votes)
I am pleased to introduce you my naughty GF in this couple sex video. Her name is Nastya. She supports the healthy way of life. She doesn’t drink gargle, she has never tried smoking and she just adores the yogi exercises! And I like them too because I like watching my GF sit on the floor naked and show how flexible she is. When she starts touching her naked amateur pussy I put the camera aside and we both enjoy the young couple sex that brings us both to the explosive orgasm!

Episode 2: “Feeling my girlfriend amateur’s nub”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (2 votes)
My girlfriend amateur is so incredibly hot! Can you believe that when looking at Vera? This horny sex tape video will certainly prove you that there is hardly anybody hotter than my amateur girlfriend especially when she slowly strips in front of me uncovering sexy amateur tits and sexy tight ass and inviting me to burst inside the amateur pussy with my tongue and biggest amateur dick. She never minds amateur sucking dick and swallowing the cum and she always agrees to have the hot couple fucking in such place like a porch…

Episode 3: “Sex couple enjoying solarium”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (1 votes)
Though it is a cold nasty weather outside I and my GF want to look suntanned so we decided to go to the solarium today. Of course, I took my camera with me hoping to make some piece of the couple sex video and when I saw my hot girlfriend naked I understood it would be a very horny part. Nastya looked absolutely beautiful with those gorgeous amateur tits and sexy juicy ass all nude and shining in the blue light of the solarium. I set the camera and we enjoyed the nude couple fucking and amateur oral sex!

Episode 4: “Hot couple sex after carting”
Rating:  0.0 of 5 (0 votes)
I like making my amateur girlfriend’s dreams come true because she looks so happy and satisfied like a child. Today I brought Nastya to the carting. It appeared she liked autos and speed even more than I! just watch my GF in the helmet enjoying her victory in our racing! Oh, it turned her on so much that I let my naughty GF get another victory. I wasn’t disappointed because once we came home I was rewarded with the hot couple sex during which Nastya stripped and posed sexily for me invitingly shaking the sexy juicy ass and perfect amateur tits. She did amateur oral sex and I packed her amateur pussy like crazy!

Episode 5: “Playing backgammon with my naughty GF”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
As soon as we like spending time together it’s not boring for me and my cute amateur girlfriend to stay at home. Today we are playing backgammon and I must say it’s not less exciting than strolling about the city. I won the game and required the massage for my victory. It was really cool to feel Nastya’s hands sliding over my skin, feeling the dick get harder from her tender touches. I decided to please my naughty gf with some hot massage too and once I got to her amateur pussy she was already turned on and juices were pouring out in the expectation of the hot couples fucking hardcore!

Episode 6: “Hot amateur sex party with mojito”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (1 votes)
We planned to spend the day together with my hot girlfriend my suddenly Nastya’s friend visited us. Well, I didn’t mind at all because frankly speaking I liked that chick very much. We arranged a small mojito party and enjoyed some talks about everything in the world. When the girl went away my naughty GF decided to tease me a little bit. She started stripping off uncovering the gorgeous amateur tits and sexy tight ass for me. She was petting every inch of her body and finally I attacked her amateur pussy with my dick in another rel home sex action!

Episode 7: “Yoga is good for couple sex”
Rating:  3.6 of 5 (5 votes)
Nastya is a fan of yoga and she does her exercises every day. Today me cute amateur girlfriend invited me to join her but it couldn’t last for a long time because I got absolutely mad from the view of her naked body. I just enjoyed my GF on the carpet performing various sexy positions that were absolutely great for the hard nude couple fucking. We soon appeared to be all naked on the floor convulsing in the furious amateur oral sex and getting the orgasm from the private home sex session!

Episode 8: “Surprise with school uniform”
Rating:  3.7 of 5 (7 votes)
What my girlfriend amateur adores is surprising me in all possible ways. Today she put the school uniform on and performed the erotic tease for me flashing the nice tits naked and super sexy ass. She looked so delicious that I couldn’t but slide my hungry tongue into her amateur pussy and then penetrate it heavily with my biggest amateur dick that brought so much pleasure to both of us!

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Members comments (4)

puzzfinkz (Aug 27,2010)

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shiken_sou (Jun 8,2010)

can we have some creampies?

sam (Mar 31,2010)

So nice! Shoot on her face, please.

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