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Sasha & Vova

About us:

Hi again! Most of you guys have probably seen our first season, so there's no need to introduce ourselves. Nothing has visibly changed since our trip to St. Petersburg. We're still together, still in love, still enjoying our sex life and eager to try what we haven't tried before in bed! We're having a genuine relationship and aren't planning to break up any time soon :) Thanks for voting, we're glad that our new home videos will be posted on the site!

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Season 2:"Couple sex video in the Crimea"

Episode 1: “Amateur couples porn landscape”
Rating:  4.3 of 5 (9 votes)
Hurray! We are on vacations and we are in the Crimea enjoying the wonderful landscapes of the Crimean mountains, breathing the fresh Black Sea air and having the nude couples fucking under the blue skies. We are recording this private sex video in Balaklava so you will envy us when see how I and my GF walk over the green grass enjoying the blue water of the sea stretching down… We found a desolate place on the hill and lost the cloths off and my hot girlfriend immediately climbed my biggest amateur dick that pounded her so damn hardly!

Episode 2: “Couples sex games in the sauna”
Rating:  3.5 of 5 (4 votes)
When it is cold outdoor there is a great risk for me and my GF to get the cold because we record these couple sex videos so today when I woke my hot girlfriend up and got some good amateur sucking dick from her we both decided to spend the day in the sauna. What can be hotter than a steam room? Only our burning hot bodies. Especially when my naughty GF entertains taking my biggest amateur dick in her mouth and then bends over giving me that beautiful amateur pussy for receiving strong orgasm!

Episode 3: “Playing with biggest amateur dick”
Rating:  4.7 of 5 (6 votes)
What my naughty GF likes the most is playing with my biggest amateur dick. That’s what she did today in the morning. Instead of cooking some breakfast for me she did the amateur oral sex and I never regretted because the deepthroating soon turned into my girlfriend kitchen penetration. We went for a walk and continued our amateur sex party on the balcony of the hotel and then in the gym where my cute amateur girlfriend flashed the gorgeous amateur tits seducing me into another session of wild homemade porn!

Episode 4: “Amateur fuck high in the mountains”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
This is our another private sex video and I and my GF are again high in the mountains. I know that my hot girlfriend feels extremely turned on looking at the blue sea underneath. Knowing about that I like taking her to the picnics:) I enjoy my GF strip off and pose for me like a nymph and I admire her nice amateur tits and amateur pussy and when she turns her sexy nude ass to me I lose any control and heavily penetrate my insatiable teaser!

Episode 5: “Toy for sexy nude ass”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (4 votes)
You will be greatly satisfied when find out where I and my GF were today. We went to the sex shop because we decided to make a homemade masturbation toy video and my hot girlfriend bought a golden dildo. When we came back home my naughty GF started dildoing her amateur pussy but the toy appeared to be too small for it. Well, I had another idea. I packed Sasha’s vagina with my biggest amateur dick while she was toying her tight ass hole!

Episode 6: “Outdoor fucking from amateur couple”
Rating:  4.6 of 5 (5 votes)
The day started not very well today because I and my GF had a quarrel in the morning. But we still decided not to delay our journey about the places of interest of Crimea. The landscapes were beautiful and my hot girlfriend was insatiable. She wanted nothing but the young couple sex and she didn’t care that somebody could see our couple making love right in the ruins of the ancient castle. All in all we had great fuck and super pleasure!

Episode 7: “Hot couple playing couple sex games”
Rating:  4.6 of 5 (10 votes)
We love sex and nothing but sex especially when we are on vacations in such a picturesque place as the Black Sea. Today we rented the yacht and called our friend to record the amateur sex video with our couple having hot amateur sex. Sasha was a little bit shy at first but then she relaxed and we had a wonderful nude couple sex in the open sea. We came back home but we still felt some hunger for sex. Well, it was high time for dirty role playing. Sasha put the nurse outfit on and I was her sick partner that immediately got better having felt the skilful tongue on the biggest amateur dick!

Episode 8: “Adult couples porn and nothing more”
Rating:  4.8 of 5 (5 votes)
The last piece of our private sex videos is filled with great sex desire! It seems that I and my GF got absolutely crazy and wild. We started our day with the nasty amateur oral sex during which my naughty GF made me lavishly explode. Then we went to the desolate beach and of course we couldn’t but have the nude couple sex listening to the noise of waves. I was so excited that soon cummed having left my cute amateur girlfriend without orgasm. Well, she recouped herself at home when we played the dirty mistress and slave couples sex games during which Sasha made me work her amateur pussy up and didn’t let me stop until got the strongest orgasm!

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Members comments (7)

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

Little sex but I did like how she told him to fuck her.

tim (Apr 19,2011)

nice to get another episode. but seriously 4 mins sex out of 88 mins. i cant believe this stuff.

tim (Apr 16,2011)

i agree why no more episodes??
what are we paying for

autoinput (Apr 16,2011)

where are other episodes ?

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

She acts too much like a porn star.

UC87wbhsJBYZQarL (Oct 8,2011)

great video u guys rock! Sasha you look amazing.

austral3 (Sep 17,2014)

She's a stunning beauty! Nice face, great body, nice fat pussy lips. And she really like sex. Her partners cock get creamy. You cant fake this. Nice.