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Ann & Slava

About us:

We are Ann and Slava, a couple of young people. We have been together for rather a long period of time so we know each other pretty well and we are in that stage of our relationships when we start to experiment in our sex life. Sometimes we can be rude with each other, but it seems to turn on both of us so the words “bitch”, “asshole” and “fuck off” are rather common in our communication. We think that our life is full of emotions, good or bad, but it’s still interesting so we consider it would be of great fun for all of you to watch our entertainments and sex adventures recorded on the camera. We like to have good rest, we adore spending time with our friends, we hate everything common and usual and we sometimes fancy what being a real pornstar is :)))))!

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Season 1:"Getting real fun from life"

Episode 1: “Visit to the park and hot couplesex”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (7 votes)
There are so many interesting places to visit in our city and today we are going to the zoo! Though the weather is not very good I and my GF keep going from cage to cage enjoying all kinds of animals. We even got our favorite ones! We spent some time walking in the zoo when my sexy amateur girlfriend got really cold and offered to go to the café to warm up a little bit. Do you think our naughty amateur couple will warm up with the cup of hot tea? He-he! We’d better go to the toilet where I will get the nasty amateur sucking dick and my hot girlfriend will enjoy the wild hot couple fucking!

Episode 2: “Unforgettable real couple sex”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (8 votes)
When we woke up this morning we found our that the weather was just great for a walk near the Neva River so we didn’t lose a minute and went outside. We spent great time together with talking, laughing and drinking tea in the café. But what was waiting for me at home was worth hundreds of such mornings! My hot girlfriend performed the great strip show for me. She posed in the sexy lingerie and aroused my biggest amateur dick so much! I enjoyed my GF tickling the pussy, then she stayed on knees and I felt her hungry mouth on my stuff. Damn, that was a really furious home made sex session!

Episode 3: “Couples sex games with creams”
Rating:  4.8 of 5 (5 votes)
When we decided to fuck today my sexy amateur girlfriend suddenly took a flask of mixed creams. Why would she need them? She poured the creams over my body and started licking them. Fuck, it was a very nice feeling. I put the creams on her amazing amateur tits and amateur pussy and started eating that delicious kiss making my naughty GF moan from insatiable sex desire. When I felt her pussy was wet enough I finally slid my biggest amateur dick inside feeding it with some good penetration and strong orgasm!

Episode 4: “Rough homemade sex”
Rating:  4.7 of 5 (7 votes)
We were in the sauna today and greatly enjoyed our time there. I and my GF tried to fuck in the toilet but unfortunately there were people that interrupted our horny couplesex. Well, Ann was pretty much angry and she decided to have a lesbian lick session with her blonde friend. It’s cool I managed to voyeur their raunchy action on my home made video. When we came back home I decided to revenge my naughty GF and play some nasty couple sex game in which I was a maniac and Ann was my poor victim whose tight hole I roughly penetrated!

Episode 5: “Amateur couple is on picnic”
Rating:  4.4 of 5 (9 votes)
On the fifth day of our cash for sex tapes project we decided to go on picnic with our best friends. Having found a nice and quiet place we all got undressed and suntanned under the hot sun rays. I enjoyed watching my GF wear the erotic lingerie and she seemed to enjoy seducing me with the horny look. When my passion was strong enough Ann plunged into the wild amateur oral sex that aroused me even more and we finally got the hot couple fucking having no fear that somebody could catch us!

Episode 6: “Failed shopping and successful fuck”
Rating:  3.5 of 5 (4 votes)
My cute amateur girlfriend wanted to buy new sneakers for walking in the park and I willingly agreed to join her in the shopping center having taken my cam and hoping to record another homemade sex video. We were strolling from the store to store but Ann didn’t find anything that she would have liked to buy. My amateur girl friend got so angry! Well, I knew how to cheer her up. I took her into the toilet and pulled the biggest amateur dick out so that she could enjoy it with her hungry mouth. Having bent my naughty GF over I also made her cum in the end of the wild real couples sex!

Episode 7: “Amateur porn at the balcony”
Rating:  4.4 of 5 (12 votes)
As soon as the weather was great on the seventh day of our shooting we decided to walk along the streets of our city. Strolling, talking, eating ice cream and drinking Coca Cola with your hot amateur girlfriend – what can be better? I have some ideas about that and invited my naughty GF to enjoy the view from the roof of the house. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to the roof and had to be pleased with the balcony. Well, that’s ok. I licked Ann’s amateur pussy and after this she couldn’t resist having the couple sex fucking with me after which I splashed my semen down!

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Members comments (7)

sertax (Jan 5,2013)

maroonsky60. haha thats funny

rudebox69 (Jul 9,2012)

She is hot!!!!

nikman (Apr 4,2011)

they're so hot

dick_daniel_ (Nov 8,2010)

Pics too small. He's got a smashing big cock

maroonsky60 (Nov 6,2010)

I think Slava is gay or bisexual.  He fucks his "girlfriend" like he's bored.  He's prettier and better dressed than his "girlfriend".  And the biggest clue of all: he's a lover of Calvin Klein briefs.

paulblackbird07 (Jul 28,2010)


dsd (Jul 23,2010)

photos are to small