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Margаrita & Eric

About us:

Hello guys, we are Eric and Rita. We want to be completely honest with you, so you should know we didn't even know each other before starting this amateur filming project. You'll be witnessing our first hook up in the strip bar, our first date, first sex. We fell for each other for real while shooting this! Wild parties, crazy sex in public places. Now it seems like we were meant for each other!

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Season 1:"Hooked up boy became a boyfriend"

Episode 1: “Picking up the strip dancer”
Rating:  3.5 of 5 (8 votes)
Hi to everyone! My name is Rita and it was my idea to participate in this cash for sex tapes project. The only problem about it is that I am only 18 and I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. Well, there are no inextricable difficulties for me! I go to the night club and see a super hot strip dancer there. Mine, he impressed me a lot with the great muscle body with sexy juicy ass and I decided to meet with him once again to offer the participating in my amateur sex films!

Episode 2: “First romantic couples sex”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (8 votes)
Well, this is the first day we pretend to be a boyfriend and a hot amateur girlfriend. I arranged a romantic date for Eric so that he didn’t think I used him only to get cash for sex. I rented the nice place with pool, I lit the candles and got absolutely naked. It seemed Eric liked my nice amateur tits and wet sexy ass very much. As well as I was greatly impressed with his biggest amateur dick that pounded my amateur pussy so heavily that I couldn’t help moaning and feeling multiple orgasms!

Episode 3: “Non-stop amateur sex party”
Rating:  3.6 of 5 (5 votes)
As though as I am a party girl and Eric is a strip dancer we both adore night clubs and can spend the whole night there. We started this non stop amateur sex party in McDonald’s where we locked in the toilet and enjoyed the raunchy amateur oral sex and the nasty couple fucking porn action. We didn’t care that somebody could catch us because we were too naughty and too turned on. Then we went to the club. Eric danced striptease and I was flirting with his friend Ilya. We spent such a hot time that on our way back home we had the dirty hot couple fucking in the morning park!

Episode 4: “Couple having sex at the riverside”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
We have already had one day with Eric and it seems he liked it as much as I did so I decided to invite him for another date. Day after day I like this boy more and more – his intelligence, his sense of humor and of course, his passion for the hot couple sex! We went to the riverside today and rented a boat. Having found the quiet place Eric stopped the boat and started kissing my cute amateur tits touching the amateur pussy that was already dripping out from passion. Our amateur sex free was furious that time!

Episode 5: “Nothing but steamy amateur fuck”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (9 votes)
If you have already got tired from the silly talks and romantic dates then you are sure to like this amateur adult video with nothing but the steamy amateur fuck! We started our session on the bed where I stretched the legs and Eric started working up my cute amateur pussy. I must confess, he definitely knows how to please a woman orally! I see his biggest amateur dick and take it in my hungry mouth willing to reward for his great amateur oral sex. Eric gets so excited that quickly puts me in doggy, then I fuck him in top position and we end up our hot couple fucking with the strong orgasm!

Episode 6: “Wild girl’s achievements”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
At last! We are the real amateur couple now! You know, we had two dates and one crazy hot couple fucking and we felt that we fit each other perfectly well. Eric is a really hard black man and I am a wild girl that is always willing to prove her furious nature on practice. Today we had another amateur oral sex in the restroom of the restaurant but it was not enough for me. I have already seen Eric’s strip show and now I wanted to impress him with the view of my naked body. I climbed the bar counter and stripped before the crowd of men that started putting some dollars in my pants!

Episode 7: “Birthday gift for amateur girl friend”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (9 votes)
It’s my birthday today and I am having the best time in my life! Having rested in the limo and invited friends I and my boyfriend entertain in the central park. We have already some champagne so feel absolutely shameless demonstrating various sex positions right in public, flashing the nice amateur tits and sexy juicy asses! Eric calls me to the limo and we both shock the driver with the best amateur sex ever with deep amateur pussy penetration and hard amateur oral sex!

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Members comments (11)

dragan (Aug 12,2011)

Finally with Eric we have a goodlooking sexy man- not the usual unerotic ugly wannabees !

superjoe (Aug 7,2011)

Stop haying on Eric, he is amazing, lol! Absolute stud

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

Has to be the worse one yet but I have not seen all of the videos.

birdman (Mar 16,2011)

Send this man on pension!!! Want to see also other guys

maroonsky60 (Nov 14,2010)

We've seen enough of Eric on "My Pickup Girls" and "Hard Fuck Tales".  "Cash for Sex Tape" should be an Eric free zone.

niek.martron8 (Oct 30,2010)

Please not the same guys in All your sets

ruikahiroyoshi (Mar 14,2012)

I love it, thats REAL sex!

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

What a waste of time. This series is useless. I will not watch another one of Margarita etc.

pablo572102 (Aug 12,2013)

hot hot hot....!!

[email protected] (Oct 30,2014)

This is a hot a sexy series. I hope to see more of Rita and Eric. The porn is so erotic and sexy. I love watching it over and over. I love their connection. Really good filming. I hope they do more stuff like this if they are still together

yungromeo (Jul 24,2011)

love eric!