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Krystinka & Jan

About us:

I am Jan, and my girlfriend's name is Krystinka. We've been living together for several months already, but we still can't get enough of each other. We always have fun together, and we like to have sex whenever possible. Lately we've been shooting our fucking, and we found that extremely exciting. Now, the idea that someone will watch our videos is so thrilling that we decided to share our sex life with you.

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Season 1:"My crazy and naughty GF"

Episode 1: “Couple sex at home and in the park”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
Our real amateur couple is absolutely hot and horny and this couple sex video proves this fact featuring me and my sexy amateur girlfriend in the best amateur sex. I and my GF were going to ride the bikes this morning but when I saw Krystinka pack the bag I felt so horny that couldn’t but talk her into some horny amateur oral sex and also couple sex fucking. Then we rode the bikes in the park where we found a quiet place and enjoyed one more biggest amateur dick fucking right there!

Episode 2: “Public toilet couples sex games”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
There is something really hot and turning on about the public transport and today when on the train my sexy amateur girlfriend decided to tease me with some strip performance. She flashed me the upskirt view and I found out there was no panty underneath her mini skirt. That was so exiting! We decided to fuck in the public toilet. Well, it wasn’t easy at all and finally I just got the amateur sucking dick. Then we moved to McDonald’s and after having had some snack we again locked in the toilet and at last I enjoyed my GF in the raunchy hot couple fucking!

Episode 3: “Hot couple fucking in the hot sauna”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
We never get bored when stay alone – just I and my GF! Today we rented the sauna for two of us and were expecting to spend the great time together! First we played darts a little bit and then my young amateur girlfriend started teasing me with horny strip show. I asked her to take panty off and what she did next pleasingly shocked me! She slid the panty inside amateur pussy and moaned loudly when I was pulling it out. I felt it was high time to drill my sexy amateur girlfriend in all possible positions from missionary to 69 also enjoying the nasty amateur oral sex!

Episode 4: “Homemade masturbation toy action”
Rating:  4.9 of 5 (8 votes)
Today is a great day! We got the package from the internet sex shop. Krystinka was so impatient that she decided to unpack it right in the park! Wow! We found out a big dildo, latex lingerie and vaginal beads there. Did I tell you my naughty GF was absolutely crazy? She put the beads into her amateur pussy right there in the park! When we came back home she put her new latex lingerie on and performed the horny homemade masturbation toy session for me. I couldn’t watch my GF in such a dirty action for a long time and soon joined her in the nasty nude couple fucking!

Episode 5: “Breakfast for real amateur couple”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (1 votes)
I like when my amateur girl friend takes care about me and it seems it gives her pleasure too. Today she decided to cook the breakfast for me – a hot portion of omelet and before we eat she also satisfied me with the raunchy amateur oral sex that made my biggest amateur dick heavily explode. We ate but I didn’t get satiated, you know… And we had the real couple sex right there in the kitchen. I licked sweet jam from naughty GF’s body and she was masturbating pussy with the rolling pin. An incredible view, I must confess!

Episode 6: “Amateur couple’s park entertainment”
Rating:  4.0 of 5 (4 votes)
A nice walk in the park – that’s what we needed that day. My hot girlfriend was in a good mood because I presented her wonderful and erotic pink panty in the morning. She put it on and when we appeared to be in the quiet place in the park she flashed her sexy juicy ass and perfect amateur tits to me. Wow! That was hot! My biggest amateur dick was throbbing impatiently willing to slide inside Krystinka’s mouth and amateur pussy. By the way, my naughty GF shocked me one more time when tried to use a stick as a sex toy for pussy penetration!

Episode 7: “Painted body of my naughty GF fucked”
Rating:  3.8 of 5 (4 votes)
You will absolutely like this incredible homemade sex video because in this episode I took the paints for body art and painted my hot girlfriend’s body. I painted a tiny top with flowers on her nipples and tight shorts on the super sexy ass! Damn, Krystinka looked so sexy that I couldn’t wait until the paints dry. I threw my naughty GF on the floor and attacked her amateur pussy with my biggest amateur dick. That time our home made sex was unbelievable and we got the strongest orgasm!

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Members comments (8)

seifezz (May 12,2011)

i love girls who use their feet ;)

baseball63 (Feb 20,2011)

very good. all teen couples should see this to learn how to act for their partner.

uperlini_4925 (Jan 29,2011)


Paul (Jan 3,2011)


daniele2607 (Nov 10,2010)

she is fantastic girl and he is a good boy...my immagination go to a threesome with she!! i want see this in next season please..

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

Another wonderful video. I loved every part of it. Tickets on pussy. JO in the wash basin, fucking with close ups and the peeing for us to see. Thanks. You are the best.

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

It was awesome!! Kry and Jan are wondeful lovers who demonstrated on video their ability to satisfy and love each other. Thanks. May be the best episode on the site.

3dbJ6RzVL8o7gwqD (Jul 28,2011)

Another great video. I loved the public pee and stick against her slit. Thanks