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Brandy & Mike

About us:

Hi! We are Brandy and Mike, as you can see we are a rock & roll type of couple. Brandy has a lot of tattoes and piercing, hope you like that. We love to play video games, listen to industrial music and have sex of course. We never filmed home porn videos before, but we're pretty much happy with what we have shot. Hope you'll find our sex tapes hot and interesting to watch! Go watch us fuck :)

Rate Us:  4.6 (29 votes) Pretty Cool

Season 1:"Sex hungry and ht amateur couple"

Episode 1: “Tat GF in the first couple sex video”
Rating:  4.3 of 5 (19 votes)
We are a naughty amateur couple and this is our first couple sex video ever in which we decided to introduce ourselves and to tell some more hot details about me and my sexy amateur girlfriend. We also will show you our hot couple fucking before which Brandy strips sexily teasing us all with the sexy amateur tits and shaking the super sexy ass before the camera. Her sexy body is all covered with tattoos and piercing and I especially like the one on her tongue because it gives me so much pleasure while the amateur oral sex! We fuck like crazy and feel absolutely satisfied!

Episode 2: “Couple sex game at the beach”
Rating:  4.3 of 5 (6 votes)
Today we decided to go to the beach to walk over the clean sand a little bit. The blue sea and clean sky plus the fresh breeze – everything was great! I set the camera and my hot girlfriend offered me to play our favorite game – “20 questions”. What do you think were those questions about? Of course, they were about sex. I and my GF both felt so turned on that soon we hurried up home where I got the raunchy amateur oral sex and also drilled my naughty GF in the doggy position after the shower!

Episode 3: “My girlfriend kitchen fuck”
Rating:  4.4 of 5 (5 votes)
We are at home today. I am watching my GF playing the video game and easily answering various questions. Damn, she is so smart and at the same time so turning on. Once I look at her super sex ass wrapped in tight jeans I can’t think about nothing but the dirty home made sex. I ask my naughty GF to strip for me and then start licking her peachy amateur pussy. Brandy moans and begs me to continue the action so we move to the kitchen and have the nude couples fucking there!

Episode 4: “Morning romantic couple sex”
Rating:  3.8 of 5 (6 votes)
We don’t have the romantic couple sex very often but this morning was the right time for the tender and nice pairing off. I started kissing and licking my sexy amateur girlfriend’s nipples petting her perfect amateur tits… Do you think she was angry with me because I woke her up so early? Not at all! On the contrary, Brandy pleased me with the amateur oral sex and then took my biggest amateur dick in pussy in that horny and romantic couplesex!

Episode 5: “Amateur girl friend is so horny”
Rating:  4.4 of 5 (5 votes)
I am a lucky man, I must confess because my amateur girl friend adores hard fucking! And sometimes she becomes absolutely wild and craves only for the dirtiest hot couple fucking action! In this private video tape you will see my GF swallow on my biggest amateur dick and jerk it off with the skilful hands. Then she stays in the doggy position and waving the sexy naked ass she invites me to taste her chocolate hole and drill the amateur pussy hard! I’m not gonna keep her waiting!

Episode 6: “Outdoor couplesex in the park”
Rating:  4.4 of 5 (8 votes)
Though I and my GF are stay-at-homes this weekend we decided to go to the park. Do you think we wanted to walk there? You are pretty much mistaken. What we wanted was to record another episode of our couple sex tape. We found a quiet place in the park where nobody could catch us (at least we hoped that) and my naughty GF pleased my biggest amateur dick with the amateur oral sex that excited me so much that I forgot about everything and started fucking her like crazy!

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Members comments (11)

baupintsbau (Aug 22,2011)

wow.......Goddess Brandy is great.......we are here to see beautiful women and nationality hardly matters......Kindly add more Americans like Brandy Pleeeeeeeeeese

fatihhitaf (Jun 30,2011)


V I Lenin (Apr 16,2011)

A nice Ameican prostitute but Soviet prostitutes are bigger whores

marlow (Apr 9,2011)

Yes, I must agree. I can find american porn anywhere. I really joined these sites to see sexy Russians get it on and talk filthy in the bogoti yezik. Although, I must also point out that other sites in this group are equally lacking in updates. Travel Porn, especially. I'll stay a subscriber for now but hoping to see more content updates more often. Thanks.

giacomo72902 (Apr 8,2011)

its not possible, first i dont want american couples but only russian and chechz. second, we pay for the videos, and the other sites of this group adds almost 1 update every week, in this site nothing. and now the season are not complete but only episodes? is not right, we pay for this content. cashforsextapes is my favourtite but if they continue in this way i must cancel my memebership. i pay and i want more videos of russiasn cute couples, and full season please. sorry for my bad english

Pere (Apr 7,2011)

Please, I love girls from Russia or other Slavonic girls. Not american... thanks.

Admin (Apr 6,2011)

There's nothing to worry about.
From now on we'll be updating with 2 episodes per week. Yes, it's less than a whole season, but on the other hand MUCH more often, so this is pretty much the same thing.
Very soon new episodes of this and other couples will be added to the site.

autoinput (Apr 5,2011)

yes , but what are this video so short ? We pay for more !

rBe2hMrx (Nov 28,2011)

hey, brandi belle, nice to see you here ;-)

peskysushi (Jan 25,2013)

I love it when she flicks her tongue on the end of his cock. I could watch that all day! More please!

wallet (Sep 18,2011)

Mikes wallet in right front pocket?