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Private Sex Tapes - private life of amateur lesbians in home made movies
Private Sex Tapes
If you want $2000 you are at the right place

If you are young and attractive, if you need extra money or look for recognition, use your camera to shoot the smallest details of your couple life. Both of you must be at least 18y.o. and be able to provide a government-issued photo ID.

Step 1: Submit your application, you can email your application and photos. Download the application here. Please note that you must get the approval before starting the shooting process.
Step 2: Print out the Model Release and Copyright Agreement, have them signed, scan the copies and upload them to our web-site. Please note that we need the video of you and your partner signing in the documents.
Step 3: Upload clear copies of your government IDs and also your and partner’s photos holding the IDs by your face.
Step 4: Be ready to shoot the most exciting video of your life! Video requirements:
  • - Shoot minimum for 70 minutes every day during a week + Photos;
  • - The guy must be the one holding the camera most of the time. POV shooting is highly appreciated;
  • - Shoot everything from teeth brushing to showering, from morning coffee and goodnight kiss. We want to know more about your everyday life;
  • - Try to be natural when shooting sex scenes. You need to look happy and satisfied. No violence please;
  • - There must be no illegal material in the video. It means no pooping, also no blood. No underaged are allowed in the shot.
  • - Download shooting guidelines and sample script here and read it thoroughly.
Step 5: Please write the detailed script: what you are going to shoot and where, where you will go and where you will have sex. You are recommended to email it to us for approval to avoid misunderstanding later.
Step 6: Select or make minimum 210 full-size photos of your couple. Those can be taken from your archive / album and newly shot during the week. You are welcomed to submit more photos. By the way for 400+ photos we can pay exta money.
Step 7: Submit your video and photos. They must be uploaded to our FTP. (After approval we send you all details through email) + Write a short description for each day. Tell us what you did, what was the most remarkable, etc. (You can do it in your native language) and email it to us.