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Julie & Anton

About us:

We are a harmonic hot couple, you know – really hot and sex fun craving babe and her older financially stable and eager to please boyfriend ;) We are not afraid of crazy things like having sex in a taxi and then inviting the driver and his stepsister into our apartment for some steamy group fuck. We bet that we can try it all if it promises an explosive orgasm in the end ;)

Rate Us:  4.3 (48 votes) Pretty Cool

Season 1:"Hot amateur couple secret fun"

Episode 1: “Amateur sucking dick in the taxi”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
When I and my GF go shopping it usually takes us the whole day and we feel rather tired and exhausted at the end. This was that very case but our hot couple had the real entertainment when rented the taxi. The driver’s name was Alexander and he let our naughty amateur couple play in his car. So Julie leant forward, took my biggest amateur cock out of my pants and performed the nasty amateur sucking dick. We talked into meeting with Alexander and his sister Daria later.

Episode 2: “Hot amateur couple having porn fun”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (9 votes)
The hot amateur couple is having the real porn fun – it’s I and my GF enjoy the unforgettable hot couple sex in various unusual places. Thus, for example, my hot amateur girlfriend invited me to the public toilet where she stripped and did the amateur sucking dick. I enjoyed her lips on my biggest amateur dick and then she enjoyed my stick inside her amateur pussy. On our way home we saw a forsaken house and decided to continue our couples sex games there.

Episode 3: “Animal passion for real amateur couple”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
It is the day when I and my GF decided to go to the zoo. It was a real fun to see my GF stroll from the cage to cage looking at the animals. She very soon got bored and started playing with me teasing either with the nice amateur tits or with thick sexy ass that she flashed me from time to time. I got very hard and excited and when we appeared to be in the open air my naught GF wrapped my piston with lips and bared off amateur pussy. We fucked like crazy and didn’t care that somebody could catch us!

Episode 4: “My naughty GF shower fuck”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
This is the home made video that features our morning entertainments. Sleepy Julie goes to the bathroom to take the shower and of course, I follow her. I feel so excited and I wanna have some furious homemade amateur sex. My hot girlfriend doesn’t mind getting a portion of rock hard penetration in pussy and some fresh sticky jizz all over body and after this morning fun our real amateur couple goes to the shop and gets satisfied there.

Episode 5: “Our couples sex games”
Rating:  4.8 of 5 (4 votes)
We have one great idea about how to entertain today but first we should have breakfast. Well, homemade amature sex will also be great. We get dressed and go to the tree nursery. What our nasty amateur couple wants is to have sex in a public place. My hot girlfriend is absolutely shameless and she shows her sexy amateur tits to the passers-by and teases me with the view of her great super sexy ass. Unfortunately, people are not that fond of our idea and we didn’t have the chance to try real couples sex in public!

Episode 6: “Our hot couple in wild group fuck”
Rating:  4.6 of 5 (11 votes)
Remember Alex? The taxi driver that we got acquainted with in the first part of our couple sex video. today he visited us with his stepsister Daria. Well, a couple of glasses of grape and everybody relaxed. My naughty GF and Daria felt boozed and kinky. They blindfolded Alex and started the raunchy couple sex games with him doing the amateur sucking dick and wanking off. That was so damn exciting for all of us and soon we all enjoyed the group fucking at our amateur sex party!

Episode 7: “Nasty couples sex games”
Rating:  4.6 of 5 (5 votes)
I hate it when my cute amateur girlfriend comes back home early in the morning! Well, today was the day when Julie made me feel really mad and I decided to give her a good punishment that she would remember for a long time. I made my naughty gf put on the uniform of a constructor and then stay on her knees and beg me to punish her wet sex ass hardly. Of course, I didn’t refuse and soon we both enjoys the nasty couples sex games!

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Members comments (4)

tom994 (Jun 8,2011)

great Episode

adolf (May 27,2010)

nice couple

RALPH (Apr 18,2010)

wow i love this woman she so hot and sexy

sexybogat (Jan 5,2015)

Who is the blonde girl that is guest, want to see more of her!