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Sasha & Vova

About us:

Hi again! Most of you guys have probably seen our first season, so there's no need to introduce ourselves. Nothing has visibly changed since our trip to St. Petersburg. We're still together, still in love, still enjoying our sex life and eager to try what we haven't tried before in bed! We're having a genuine relationship and aren't planning to break up any time soon :) Thanks for voting, we're glad that our new home videos will be posted on the site!

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Season 1:"Sex lovers like sex adventures"

Episode 1: “Hot couple sex in St. Petersburg”
Rating:  4.8 of 5 (8 votes)
Hi to everybody! We are in St. Petersburg at last! We are a hot amateur couple that decided to have a trip around this ancient city. We got damn tired from the flight but decided not to lose time and walk a little bit. The weather was awful so we entered the café to have a short snack and then came back home. I had some hotter plan and once we stayed alone I attacked my hot girlfriend’s clitoris with my skilful hands and tongue and stimulated it until Sasha begged me to stick the biggest amateur dick in her incredible amateur pussy!

Episode 2: “My naughty GF cooking and fucking”
Rating:  4.7 of 5 (7 votes)
Well, it seems our trip is not very lucky. The weather becomes worse every day and today we didn’t even try to go out. Well, we don’t get upset. It just means that we will have more possibilities to record our hot sex tapes. In the morning I caught my naughty GF in the shower and did what I like the most – I petted her nice clitoris and then got the amateur oral sex. After this Sasha cooked some fried meat in nothing but erotic lingerie and turned me on so much with the view of high heels that I decided to feed my babe with the loads of fresh semen after the raunchy couple erotic sex!

Episode 3: “Kinky action from real amateur couple”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
We woke up in the morning of our third day and found out that the weather was just wonderful outside. Finally! We could go and have a nice walk around the city. My cute amateur girlfriend offered me to go shopping, she wanted to buy some brand cloths. I didn’t want to but my naughty GF knows how to persuade me and I got a good portion of couple sex fucking with the strong orgasm in the end. Well, we took the camera and went to the mall where Sasha chose several pieces of cloths and tried them on in the fitting room. She looked so great in new outfits that I made her do the amateur oral sex right in the fitting room!

Episode 4: “Sauna sex tape video”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
Have I already told you that my cute amateur girlfriend is really hot? To get persuaded about it you have to do nothing but to see my GF epilate the big clit amateur pussy before the working camera. To tell the truth, I get really turned on from the view of her gorgeous amateur tits and sexy juicy ass. And then we went to the sauna. Everybody likes sauna especially if you stay there alone with such a horny chick like my hot girlfriend. She quickly lost her cloths off and started doing the amateur oral sex at the same time masturbating nub and petting clit… Of course, I couldn’t but get that wet sexy ass on my biggest amateur dick and have furious fucking!

Episode 5: “Couple porn in the new flat”
Rating:  4.8 of 5 (5 votes)
We are moving to the new flat today. Hurray! It’s much better, bigger and lighter than the one we lived in before. To celebrate the event our real amateur couple decided to invite friends to our place. We got well prepared for their visit – we bought some grape and cooked delicious food and … got so turned on that when people came we escaped from them and locked in the bathroom where my hot girlfriend worshipped my biggest amateur dick orally. She licked the balls and fucked me in the top position. All in all it was a wonderful real amateur sex!

Episode 6: “Sex lovers walking around the city”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
If you think that we need only the real couple porn action then you are greatly mistaken. Today I and my GF decided to stroll about St. Petersburg and enjoy its places of interest – its museums, cathedrals, churches... Though it was damn cold outside we absolutely enjoyed spending time with each other. When my cute amateur girlfriend got really cold we hurried up to come back home where Sasha asked me to warm her up. She stretched the legs and I started masturbating her amateur pussy until she moaned from passion and climbed my biggest amateur dick in the expectation of the couple fucking porn action!

Episode 7: “Sudden sex desire of sex lovers”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
This day started rather quietly for both of us until we called to our old acquaintance and invited him to the sushi restaurant. We were happy to meet our friend and our gladness soon turned into the real excitement. Damn, we had to satisfy our sudden sex desire and I and my GF hurried up to the toilet where my naught GF quickly lost her jeans off and first swallowed on my biggest amateur dick and then bent over to let me enjoy her amateur pussy in the crazy hot couple fucking!

Episode 8: “Packing things and having couple sex”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
This is the last day of our trip to St. Petersburg. Frankly speaking we missed our home and we are happy to pack the things before the departure. But still we feel a little bit sad to say good bye to our friends and to such a nice city. Well, it’s high time for our hot amateur couple to stay alone. We won’t lose our time on something silly and boring, we will better spend it on hot couple sex porn action during which my hot girlfriend is sucking my piston deeply petting it with skilful tongue and I enjoy my GF convulse and moan from pleasure while my biggest amateur dick heavily works up her amateur pussy!

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“Album 2” (41 photos)

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