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Katya & Vlad

About us:

Meet your new favorite couple in this entire project! What, you think we sound too cocky and self-confident? Well, watch our awesome sex tapes, I bet you'll change your mind! But ok, I'll give you a couple of clues to get you intrigued. First of all, we're a couple of nudists, so don't expect to see clothes in our private sex videos. Secondly, my gorgeous girlfriend looks like an angel and acts like a dirty slut. Besides, she's a real blowjob queen. So chances are we are really the best damn couple you've ever seen!

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Season 1:"Shameless nudists share their private life"

Episode 1: “Horny sex lovers sunbathe nude and fuck”
Rating:  4.6 of 5 (34 votes)
Our first sex tape video starts with my girlfriend waking up and stretching her flawless naked body. Then I followed her to the bathroom where she took a shower and shaved her pussy. After that we fixed us some breakfast and went fishing. There's a place in the country that we love, it's far away from town and there are no people there. Just the abandoned railroad, the river and us, totally naked and horny as hell. Check out my gorgeous Kitten sunbathing and fingering her pussy which got wetter and wetter with every move of her finger. I watched her for as long as I could but eventually joined her on the blanket and drilled that oozing hole of hers.

Episode 2: “Homemade xxx massage session and hot fuck”
Rating:  4.7 of 5 (38 votes)
Even though my girlfriend doesn't really love anal sex that doesn't mean that we never have it. Today Kitten was especially horny, she woke me up with a passionate blowjob, so I thought it was a perfect day to drill her beautiful tight booty. I started with discussing anal sex, and soon she agreed to go for it, but only after a relaxing massage session. Deal, babe! I rubbed Kitten's body, caressed it and stroked it, and soon my hot girlfriend got extremely turned-on. Me, I was rock-hard! A little lube and a little patience is all it takes to make a kick-ass girlfriend anal fuck video. Check out the lavish portion of cum that I shot on Kitten's butt!

Episode 3: “Sexy amateur strip show from my GF”
Rating:  4.7 of 5 (22 votes)
Actually it all started with Kitten showing off her new summer dress, but then I asked her to show me what she was gonna wear on vacation (we're going to Croatia soon). I knew that she liked sassy sexy bikinis, but what I saw totally knocked me off. Kitten posed in the tiniest string panty imaginable, and her pussy and even clit were clearly seen through the thin fabric! I guess I'll have a boner all the time when on vacation :) Anyway, it was only a begining, because then she set up a steamy strip show for me which ended up with a great blowjob. Damn, my hot girlfriend sure knows how to please a man! And yeah, of course I fucked her, watch and enjoy!

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