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Leila & Rico

About us:

We're Leila and Rico, and we're not really a couple. We've only spent 7 days together, but even though we live in different countries we're still in touch. We even plan to go on a vacation together soon, because those 7 days in Spain were teriffic. So if you like our sex tapes we might shoot more soon. Hell, we'll shoot more anyway 'cause we really loved that. In the meantime, sit back and check out our amateur porn from sunny Spain.

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Season 1:"Sexy amateurs live it up on a vacation"

Episode 1: “First sex with my new sexy girlfriend”
Rating:  4.2 of 5 (8 votes)
This is all so crazy, I don't even know where to begin. I came to Spain to spend a vacation with my buddy who was supposed to meet me at a railway station. But that asshole didn't shop up! So there I was, alone in a foreign country, with no phone, no hotel reservation, nothing. There was a pretty long-haired girl sitting next to me, and when I explained my situation she let me stay at her place. Simple as that! But you won't believe what we were doing in a couple of hours! My new girlfriend sucked me off near the pool, and a while later we had hot amateur sex in her flat. Looks like this is gonna be the best vacation ever!

Episode 2: “Private porn movie with my insatiable babe”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
Since my new girlfriend Leila and me were getting along so well we decided that I'd spend the whole week at her place. Just how cool is that? I've got a chic apartment for free, and a horny girl who doesn't mind having amateur sex on camera. Anyway, today we went out to drink and have some fun. That wild thing Leila keeps surprising me! Today she initiated a steamy fucking session is some public restroom, and as soon as we got back home she got on her knees to perform yet another awesome girlfriend blowjob. I called my buddy and thanked him for not meeting me yesterday :)

Episode 3: “My girlfriend slut does BJ in a cable car”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (3 votes)
Leila said that we should check out the cable car everyone's talking about, and she told me to take the camera along, so I knew that my hot girlfriend was up to something nasty. It wasn't easy to find the cable car station, but eventually we got there. Wow, the view was truly impressive, but what was going on inside our little cabin was much more fun. My wild amateur girl did a perfect handjob which was followed by a kick-ass blowjob! Naturally, I didn't care about the view anymore. Back home she did a footjob before we started fucking. Oh what a girl!

Episode 4: “Public girlfriend fuck near the beach”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (4 votes)
What were Leila and me thinking? Fourth day in Spain, and we never went to the beach! So today we packed our towels, sunblock and camera and went there. My cute girlfriend sunbathed topless, so is there any wonder that I got hard soon? I guess she got very turned on too 'cause we started making out as soon as we found a more quiet place. Soon we found some old ruined shack that was dirty and stinky and looked like the last place on earth for amateur fucking, but what the hell, we were both dying with desire. Besides, it sure was the unforgettable sex adventure for both of us!

Episode 5: “Amateur anal sex after a super hot sex show”
Rating:  4.9 of 5 (8 votes)
One more day with my horny girl friend, and one more exciting surprise. I mentioned to Leila that I love sexy lingerie, and she set up a real sex show for me. She put a black lingerie set, black stockings and high heels on. She stripped for me, and it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Luckily, it's all documented in this homemade xxx movie! Then Leila brought a can of whipped cream and put some on my cock... I guess you know what she did with it! God, I love the way that amateur girl cannot get enough of my cock! And then... one more surprise... we had passionate amateur anal sex!

Episode 6: “Amateur oral sex on a romantic picnic”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (2 votes)
My insatiable girlfriend is always full of ideas! Today she took me to some very nice and picturesque place on a picnic. She was wery well prepared, there was a blanket with some champagne and fruits in her bag. She even packed real glasses for champagne, so it was a first-class romantic picnic. We sipped champagne, nibbled on fruits, but we both felt that it was all not about romance, it was about hard amateur couple sex. As always, Leila started with sucking me off, and I must admit that she's the best cocksucker I've ever met. And then we... well, you'd better see it with your own eyes!

Episode 7: “Farewell amateur sex in the bathroom”
Rating:  5.0 of 5 (6 votes)
It was my last day in Spain, I couldn't believe that my vacation was over so soon. But we had some time yet, so we decided to have as much fun as we could. First we went to the aqua park with Leila's friends. It was great, but I couldn't wait to get back home to make one last homemade porn video with Leila. So eventually we were alone, naked and burning with desire. This sex tape video is my favorite because that fucking session was the most intense and heated of all. Even after exploding in an orgasm Leila felt horny and let me watch her play with her dildo. I'll definitely spend my next vacation with that naughty girl!

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